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University Update Regarding Coronavirus

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March 13, 2020

Dear NLU Community,

Yesterday (March 12, 2020), I sent a message designed to outline our key decisions to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 pandemic and emphasized in that message that this public health issue was quickly evolving and created uncertainty that required us to be flexible and work collaboratively. Subsequent to my communication, the Governor of Illinois and the Mayor of Chicago held a press conference announcing and additional guidance, and just recently (2:30 p.m. CST on March 13, 2020) President Trump declared a national emergency.

We continue to have no confirmed or suspected在线精品国产在线视频-富二代精品国产app-亚洲欧美制服另类国产 cases of COVID-19 or cases otherwise under investigation within our community. However, based on the emergent information and data, it appears inevitable that we will start seeing an increase in COVID-19 cases under investigation. Accordingly, as we approach the end of the winter term and shift instruction to remote learning, we are planning to take additional steps to support further social distancing in an effort to stem the spread across our city and the communities we serve.  Please be advised of the following actions and timeline:

  • At this time almost all instruction is completely virtual. Since yesterday’s communication we are advancing our timeline and plan to have 100% of our courses ready for virtual delivery by Tuesday, March 17, 2020. We will assess the situation as we move forward and communicate plans for the balance of the academic year by April 12. We are prepared to continue with remote learning if necessary.
  • On Monday, March 16, all departments will begin transitioning the majority of their functions to operate remotely. Each functional area will develop an optimal plan for onsite coverage with the goal of reducing personnel to minimal levels. Currently, we are prioritizing and immediately processing requests from high risk employees as outlined in yesterday’s communication from Human Resources to accommodate their needs for remote work and/or isolation. If you believe you are a high risk employee or have any symptoms of illness, please stay home, and work from home if possible, while we process your request.
  • Up until April 12, 2020, the University will operate remotely except for functions that require on-site coverage. This will provide a social distancing period for University personnel. We anticipate we will resume full campus based operations on April 13 and face-to-face instruction on April 20. This social isolation period should allow time to better assess the impact of exposure in our communities. Additional communication will be forthcoming.

While these are our current plans, the pace of change associated with the pandemic is unprecedented. We will continue to use our COVID-19 alerts page ( for all public communication and updates, but have also created an internal COVID-19 section of the for more detailed, operational information for our students, faculty, and staff.  Please check the portal at least twice a day to get the most up to date information.

在线精品国产在线视频-富二代精品国产app-亚洲欧美制服另类国产I appreciate your patience and commitment to our students, and each other, as we respond to these unprecedented and extraordinary circumstances.




Nivine Megahed, Ph.D.


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March 12, 2020

Dear NLU Community:

With you, I am watching as COVID-19 (the “novel coronavirus”) increases its presence in the U.S. and in our city, county and state. My thoughts are especially with those for whom this global public health issue is immediate and personal. For all of us, it is a time of uncertainty.

I am grateful that at this time our University community is without confirmed or suspected cases of COVID-19. I am also mindful that, while we continue monitoring the spread of the virus, we must act on the information we have in order to protect our university community and the communities beyond. We are closely monitoring the situation and adhering closely to guidelines from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Illinois Department of Public Health, the Florida Department of Health, and the Illinois Governor’s Office, which officially declared a state of emergency on Monday. 

To contribute to the global effort to disrupt the spread of COVID-19, I am writing today to share key decisions made for the coming weeks.

National Louis University will remain open but will deliver all undergraduate, graduate, and post-baccalaureate courses in remote format from March 23 to at least April 19. We will assess the progress of this effort as we move forward and communicate plans for the balance of the academic year by April 12, and we are prepare to continue with remote learning if necessary. As we face this unprecedented moment, our priority is the wellbeing of our community. We are also committed to ensuring that all students have the opportunity to complete the academic year successfully.

Students attending our culinary programs, semester based programs such as Clinical Psychology, or new students to NLU can expect additional, specific updates from their program administrators in the coming days. Students who have internet access issues or are having difficulty accessing remote courses should contact the helpdesk at  helpdesk@nl.edu在线精品国产在线视频-富二代精品国产app-亚洲欧美制服另类国产. Because the campus remains open, students who have need may also access designated computer labs to complete their work.

During this period, we will cancel or postpone all University events that have more than 50 participants, or deliver them virtually. We will continue our efforts to reduce transmission in public spaces and will limit access to certain areas of the campus. Most activities will be curtailed to encourage social distancing.

To support this effort, faculty members teaching face-to-face courses are asked to modify their individual courses for remote learning.在线精品国产在线视频-富二代精品国产app-亚洲欧美制服另类国产 Students should monitor their email for information from their professors about the start time and particular digital format for each course. We appreciate that for some students and faculty this is a new experience. The Provost’s Office and the Learning and Information Technology Services (LITS) team will reach out shortly to faculty with more information and opportunities for support.

Although we are moving to a remote learning format in the near term and student presence on campus will be greatly reduced, our campuses remain open. Faculty and staff are still important to keeping us functioning and expected to operate as usual. Although we plan to keep standard hours/shifts for staff members as much as possible, we may need people to assist where there is the greatest need, even if it is not in their typical role or department. Of course, faculty and staff who think they may be ill should not report to work. Faculty and Staff with health concerns that put them in special risk categories should contact their supervisors to make arrangements to work safely. Student workers may also contact their work-study supervisors to see what arrangements are possible.     

We remind everyone, whether on campus or elsewhere, of health guidelines available from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The most important of these are . We will continue to update alerts focused on these issues at In the coming days, you may also send questions to; they will be reviewed and directed to the appropriate person or office.

As of today, any NLU-affiliated air travel scheduled through April 19 is prohibited and should be canceled. Faculty and staff may request individual reviews of this travel restriction through their dean and/or unit head. 

With respect to personal travel, the CDC recommends against non-essential travel to China, Iran, Italy, South Korea and Venezuela, and recommends enhanced precautions for travelers to Japan. Any international travelers should stay updated with, and adhere to, the CDC’s .

在线精品国产在线视频-富二代精品国产app-亚洲欧美制服另类国产In an abundance of caution, NLU is requesting faculty, staff and students to fill out the  if you expect to return to NLU to work or study after traveling internationally. If you elect to travel to any country that is now or may in the future be listed under alert levels 2 or 3, National Louis may take certain precautions for your re-entry in the interest of public health. You may review the schedule of alerts provided by the Center for Disease Control .   

在线精品国产在线视频-富二代精品国产app-亚洲欧美制服另类国产Because this situation is evolving rapidly, we will continue to communicate with you in the days and weeks ahead. We are trying to anticipate all potential issues, but given the impossibility of that task we ask for your patience.

在线精品国产在线视频-富二代精品国产app-亚洲欧美制服另类国产With you, I feel the sadness and anxiety of this moment. The decision to ask students to remain at home and to ask faculty to adapt classes to a remote format is not one that we made lightly. We weighed many options, and we believe that this is a moment when we must continue to think beyond ourselves and take action to care for each other and the larger world. I know that these sets of decisions bring challenges and strong emotions, and that they will affect each individual differently. I also know that our community is strong, as well as deeply committed to fulfilling our educational mission.

在线精品国产在线视频-富二代精品国产app-亚洲欧美制服另类国产I thank you all for your partnership in this process and with one another as we make our way through these extraordinary circumstances. 



在线精品国产在线视频-富二代精品国产app-亚洲欧美制服另类国产Nivine Megahed, Ph.D.



March 6, 2020

COVID-19 Update and International Travel Advisory Request 

On February 4, the University sent its initial communication about the global coronavirus outbreak (now referenced as COVID-19). As noted then, we have been monitoring updates at local, state and national levels. Although there are no known cases with any connection to National Louis University, this communication provides the NLU community with additional updates given the rise in cases nationally, and specifically cases in both Illinois and Florida. In addition, the upcoming break between terms provides students, faculty, and staff with the opportunity for travel and we ask that you take time to review the information below. 

Campus Precautions: National Louis University has been monitoring national, state, and local information. It is following guidance published for higher education institutions by the  and both the Illinois and Florida departments of public health. As a practice, NLU routinely cleans all frequently touched surfaces and will make disposable wipes available in key common areas. In addition, we are reviewing and updating our emergency operations procedures, and planning to ensure continuity of instruction and mitigate any disruption to operations in the unlikely event the NLU community is directly impacted. We have also launched an alerts page ( as a central point of communication for campus updates.  

Everyday Preventative Actions:在线精品国产在线视频-富二代精品国产app-亚洲欧美制服另类国产 In general, everyone should contribute to minimize the spread of communicable disease including influenza and COVID-19. Shared recommendations by CDC, and the departments of public health at both Illinois and Florida, include the following:

  • Stay home if you are sick.
  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands.
  • Cover your cough or sneeze with tissue, then discard tissue in trash. 
  • Wash your hands frequently with soap and water, or with alcohol-based sanitizer if soap and water are unavailable. 

Travel Notices and Advisories: Given the volatility of public health internationally, the difficulty of ensuring adequate health care and an uninterrupted return to the states, international travelers should stay updated with, and adhere to, . The outbreak has now spread to more than 40 countries and currently, the CDC recommends against non-essential travel to China, Iran, Italy, South Korea and Venezuela, and recommends enhanced precautions for travelers to Japan. Accordingly, and in an abundance of caution, NLU is requesting faculty, staff, and students to notify the University of any international travel if you expect to return to NLU to work or study by completing the . Until further notice, this request is designed to help facilitate accommodations for alternate work plans and school assignments, if needed. If you elect to travel to any country that is now, or may in the future be, listed under alert levels 2 or 3, National Louis may take certain precautions for your re-entry in the interest of public health based on guidance provided by the CDC and the Illinois or Florida departments of public health. You may review the schedule of alerts provided by CDC . If you have any questions about the request for travel information, please contact Maria Oriti who serves as the Coordinator for International Student Services at 213.261.3485 or via email at moriti@nl.edu在线精品国产在线视频-富二代精品国产app-亚洲欧美制服另类国产.      

Fight stigma and fear: The NLU community should take an active role to prevent racial/ethnic discrimination in association with COVID-19. People with origins in any particular country are no more likely to get COVID-19 than anyone else. At the same time, we must support and welcome anyone who has responsibly reported potential exposure, completed their quarantine and met their requirements to discontinue infection control measures. 

Stay updated on campus notifications: In case of an emergency, the University's Alert System will be activated. Accordingly, all students are asked to maintain updated contact information using instructions located at In addition, students are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the emergency procedures posted in each classroom. Detailed information about the University's emergency plan, information about weather related closures, and/or safety related procedures can be found at [] In the event of campus closure, students should check their D2L course shell for assignments and information regarding your classes.   

Given the volatility and uncertainty of this outbreak, we understand that our community is rightfully concerned. The Emergency Response Team will continue to provide communications as we know more and as we update our campus response to COVID-19. Our highest priority is the safety and wellbeing of our students, faculty and staff. To stay updated, please ensure we have your current contact information ( and visit


在线精品国产在线视频-富二代精品国产app-亚洲欧美制服另类国产Aurélio Manuel Valente, Ed.D.

(pronouns: he, him, él)

在线精品国产在线视频-富二代精品国产app-亚洲欧美制服另类国产Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students

phone: (312) 261-3735



February 4, 2020

在线精品国产在线视频-富二代精品国产app-亚洲欧美制服另类国产COVID-19 Update and International Travel Advisory Request 

Please be advised that the University has been monitoring the status of the recent Novel Coronavirus 2019-CoV outbreak and the risks that exist for our University community. We also have been following the regular updates from the  (WHO) and the  (CDC). Our Campus Threat Assessment Team, which meets weekly, will continue to regularly monitor updates from the  and the , and update the community as needed.  

Locally, the Chicago Department of Public Health (CDPH) has affirmed that the risk to the general public continues to remain low. While the risk is low, this serves as an opportunity to remind our community on precautions for minimizing the spread of any infectious disease, whether it would be the flu or the Coronavirus. It's always a good idea to practice routine hand-washing and basic hygiene. This reduces the risk of person-to-person spread of many infectious diseases.

The coronavirus is generally spread by droplet contact. This commonly means that you must be within 6 feet of an infected person who is coughing or sneezing, or via close personal contact, such as touching or shaking hands or touching an object or surface with the virus on it, then touching your mouth, nose or eyes before washing your hands.  As with any virus, one of the best precautions is to be attentive to our personal hygiene and continually wash our hands.

To help protect our community, we would ask that anyone that has had any travel to China, especially to Wuhan City, in the last month, to let us know so we can monitor your status. Also, if you or someone that you may have had contact with has the novel coronavirus and you have symptoms, please call your health care provider immediately so they can make arrangements for you to be assessed.  Symptoms include fever, cough and shortness of breath.

If you have any questions or concerns, please utilize your campus based emergency contacts which are available at: 


Dr. Aurélio Manuel Valente

(pronouns: he, him, él)

在线精品国产在线视频-富二代精品国产app-亚洲欧美制服另类国产Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students

phone: (312) 261-3735


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